Valkiria Group Inc.

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We are a group of creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs specialized in technology, AI, film, digital video, animation, video-marketing, neuromarketing, and the design, and programming of apps for our Startup’s in development…

How can we help you?

The services provided by our agency can help you position your business in the new technological world:​

Design > Technology

We design corporate image manuals; we create and develop prototypes and applications for your business and personal brand.

Media > Marketing

Company specialized in multimedia marketing processes, brand positioning, Film and Digital TV Production Company.

Health > Fitness > Coaching

We offer an extensive encyclopedia, e-books and digital courses, where you can find tips, remedies and natural recipes to prevent, cure diseases, maintain a balanced diet and thus take care of your health and welfare > "physical and mental".

Valkiria > Startups

We design, develop and program our own applications for each Startup we create, focusing on different markets and technologies.

Valkiria > eCommerce

Our group of e-commerce stores offers you a diverse and innovative range of technology, clothing, health care and entertainment products.


VIKOFE is a mobile app from our Startup VIKOFE Technologies Inc. that connects users with mobile capsules (coffee vending machines), remotely operated by one person, and in the near future, driven autonomously through Artificial Intelligence.


We started as a group of entrepreneurs with creative ideas since 2014 with Amerika Corp, a film, media, and TV production company. Now we are a group of creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs specialized in the different digital media for Valkiria Group Inc.

Our four elements


We are passionate about them all…