Welcome to The Digital Agency

Valkiria Group Inc. is an emerging company founded by writer, filmmaker and entrepreneur Rafael Kainan Barreto (Kanuck).

Who Are We

A group of creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs specialized in different technological and digital media: film, television and video production > search engine optimization and marketing > software engineering, development and programming.

Our Mission

Take users to a second level through the new era of neuromarketing and supported by the latest technologies: film and digital television holographic and streaming, video-marketing with new forms of animation, and the creation of applications with Artificial Intelligence.

What We Do

Our 6-V Process


Valkiria Discovers

We discover the problems your company or personal brand and start a brainstorming process to solve them.


Valkiria Defines

We define the starting point of the solution you need to start changing the future of your company or brand.


Valkiria Designs

We design strategies so that your company’s problem is solved in the shortest time possible.


Valkiria Develops

We develop the action plan of the proposed strategies with our technological tools and thus implement each of the projects that your company or personal brand needs.


Valkiria Deploys

We deploy each and every one of our resources and professionals to finalize the action plan and meet the goals set.


Valkiria Delivers

We deliver the solution to your company through integrated applications, digital audiovisual resources and animations, specialized software and interactive platforms.

Why Choose Us?

We think, create, design and develop our ideas and processes quickly and effectively to deliver successful and exceptional results.

Brand Design > Web Design > Application Design > Corporate Marketing Design > Robotic and holographic prototype design > Technology Platform Design.

Our team will be available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about technology, health, entertainment and our e-commerce stores.

We design, develop and deliver the solution to your company through integrated applications, digital audiovisual resources and animations, specialized software and interactive platforms.

Movie: “Corpse in a Wheelchair”

> Official Selection:
*Guests in LA Shorts YouTube Channel LA
Shorts International Film Festival (USA) 2020
*San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival (Torino – Italy) 2018.
*The In-Short Film Festival / Nigeria – Africa 2018
*Fake Flesh Film Fest / British Columbia – Canada 2017.
*AFC Global Fest / India – Asia 2017

VIKOFE App 2020
Computer application supported by the Fundación Café Típico and Fajad Inversiones S.A. in which the user can locate through his cell phone “La Cápsula VIKOFE”, an autonomous vending machine of “Café Típico”, “Easy Coffe” and “Café Pijao”, a Colombian coffee, organic and 100% excellent.

Valkiria Group Inc. has strategic partners from different industries specialized in international business, global logistics, commercial operations and e-commerce such as: Amerika Corp SAS, ANUKI Technology, Fajad Inversiones S.A. Fundación Café Típico, Fundación Imaginarte, Fundación el Otoño de la Vida and ON Media LTDA.

Our team includes Multimedia producers, specialists in Information and Communication Technologies > Specialists in digital Neuromarketing > Film and TV producers and directors > Software engineers, developers, programmers, data analysts and specialists in electronic and artificial intelligence, with experience in web application development and mobile devices.

Some Numbers

Our team stands out with the following results:

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